De stichting heeft veel contacten in verschillende tropische landen. Je kunt altijd contact met ons opnemen als je naar een specifieke plek op zoek bent voor je onderzoek. Hieronder een aantal locaties die we kunnen aanbevelen.


East Kalimantan

Arsari Enviro Industri is an Indonesian company managing almost 200.000 hectares of forest land in East Kalimantan. The area contains a multitude of tropical forest types such as mangroves, virgin lowland rainforest from sea level all the way up to 1200 m altitude, heath forests, Agathis forests and other types of forest as well.

The area is located close to the city of Balikpapan and we have a well-equipped base camp with good guest facilities from where the forest can be reached under half an hour. We have English speaking staff and have had groups of students staying with us before. Students that are interested in studying in our area should email willie.smits@gmail.com.

The view from a fire tower in the middle of the Arsari Enviro Industri concession. On the right a research forest comprising a 300 hectare stand of a rare lowland tropical conifer forest dominated by Agathis trees.

North Sulawesi

The Masarang Foundation is an environmental non-profit foundation in North Sulawesi. Masarang is involved in the conservation of various types of forest ranging from mangrove and nipa forests to mountain forest vegetation. Masarang has planted millions of new trees that have established into well-developed forests as well. Masarang has had many students from The Netherlands before working in various fields of study related to the environment.

Masarang works together with the Maesa Technical University and we have developed a ladder system to help sugar palm tappers do their tapping in a safe way that is also useful for studying the forest canopy. Interested students can find more background information on www.masarang.nl or contact harrykaunang62@gmail.com.

Left: one of the Masarang forest locations in North Sulawesi at an altitude of 1.000 meter. Right: an almost five meter diameter and 60 meter high fig tree on Masarang land.